Now available: Portuguese Translation of Operational Approaches by

Published on
December 10, 2021

The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network is pleased to announce the translation of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network Operational Approaches in Portuguese by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee/


The  Operational Approaches contain concrete proposals for Operational Norms, Operational Criteria, and Operational Mechanisms to address some of the most pressing cross-border legal challenges of the digital 21st century.

Their release in April 2019 constituted an important milestone in the work of stakeholders in the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network. The Operational Approaches documents were developed over the course of 10 months by Members of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network Programs’ Contact Groups: over 100 distinguished key stakeholders across five continents from governments, international organizations, internet companies, technical operators, civil society, and academia.

Read more about the Operational Approaches and their release here.

The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee/ coordinates and integrates all Internet service initiatives in Brazil, as well as promoting technical quality, innovation, and the dissemination of the services available. It is comprised of members from the government, the corporate sector, the third sector, and the academic community, and as such constitutes a unique Internet governance model for the effective participation of society in decisions involving network implementation, management, and use. The Portuguese Translation will enable wider consumption of the resources and contribute to internet policy discussions.

What stakeholders have said about the Operational Approaches Portuguese Translation

It makes us really happy to be able to once again bring to our series such an important piece of tech policy document. I&J Programs have been working hard and doing an outstanding job at producing intelligible, comprehensible and highly implementable policy documents, that have been attracting the attention of multiple stakeholders and organizations worldwide. It is a great pleasure for us to move forward with this partnership and make available even more publications for Portuguese speakers”, Hartmut Glaser, Executive Secretary,

"We are working in a series of publications from the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, and even created a specific collection dedicated to the I&J materials. We first started with the I&J Global Status Report 2019, and now we are publishing the operational approaches and preparing a set of new publications for 2022. More than amplifying the access to I&J materials, we expect that the publications help enable more Portuguese speakers to engage within the work of I&J, which is a space increasingly relevant to global Internet governance", Hartmut Glaser, Executive Secretary,

"Our great endeavor with’s book series is to bring to Brazilians and the Portuguese speaking wider community a glimpse of important Internet Governance documents. And I believe we are indeed fulfilling this mission with the I&J materials, since I&J has been working on the borders towards concrete solutions to Internet and Jurisdiction issues worldwide", Carlos Francisco Cecconi, Technical Coordination,

"We can't be more grateful to for making the important work of the I&JPN Contact Groups more broadly accessible through this translation in Portuguese. It is a new step in our exceptional cooperation with the great partner that has been for many years.", Bertrand de La Chapelle, Co-founder and Executive Director, Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network

"We thank for their leadership in translating I&J's Operational Approaches into Portuguese. has long been an important substantive contributor to the work of I&J and their translation of this document allows it to be seen and used by a much wider group of stakeholders.  Congratulations to and we look forward to continuing to work with them to develop and promote sound internet policy and practices!", Elizabeth Behsudi, Director, Domains & Jurisdiction Program, Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network.

"Online content regulation is one of the key topics for internet governance. Therefore it is extremely useful that has made available in Portuguese the outcomes that can help manage online content across different jurisdictions. Thank you to our colleagues and partners for bringing the results of this multistakeholder process to a broader audience.", Frane Maroevic, Director, Content & Jurisdiction Program, Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network