I&J convened

Published on
April 4, 2023

The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network launched a new online course to support the dissemination and knowledge-sharing of the findings of the Internet & Jurisdiction Regional Status Report on "Framing, Mapping and Addressing Cross-Border Digital Policies in Africa", released at the global IGF in Addis Ababa on November last year. 

To present the online course, its content, and learning outcomes, the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network held a launch event on April 19, 2023, from 1pm - 2.30pm UTC. The event brought together interested communities to discuss key policy issues included in the course and share ways forward on how to boost knowledge sharing and connectivity between digital policy initiatives taking place in Africa. 

The new online course is aimed at policymakers in Africa who are grappling with complex cross-border digital policy issues. The online course shared the current knowledge and the status of a range of policy initiatives across the region and inform policymakers of the impacts certain policy choices can have on Africa’s digital economy. 

The report, available in English and French, provides an overview of the current state of data policy with a mapping of laws and conventions in the context of the new African Union Data Policy Framework with a focus on cross-border digital issues. The findings contributed to the broader continental project of data policy harmonization, market integration, and socio-economic development envisioned in the Digital Transformation Strategy of the African Union Commission.

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