Data & Jurisdiction Program Contact Group Members

Published on
July 1, 2021

The Data & Jurisdiction Program Contact Group engages a selected set of senior-level global key actors from governments, internet companies, technical operators, civil society, leading universities, and international organizations. 

The Contact Group is tasked to enhance policy coherence and develop solutions for legal interoperability concerning cross-border access to electronic evidence through the joint development of Norms, Criteria, Mechanisms. 

The work is facilitated by the Secretariat of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network and guided by a neutral Coordinator and Working Group Facilitators, appointed by the Secretariat for their outstanding expertise and standing in the community. They serve in their personal capacity.

Meet the Members of the 2021/2022 Data & Jurisdiction Program Contact Group.




Alejandro Amendolara

Legal Commission
Camara Argentina de Internet (CABASE)

Karen Audcent 

Senior Counsel and Team Leader 

Canada, Ministry of Justice

Joseph Cannataci 

Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy 

United Nations

María Castillejo 

Council of the European Union

Directorate-General Justice and Home Affairs

Fernanda Domingos

Federal Prosecutor

Brazil, Federal Prosecutor's Office of the State of São Paulo


Melissa Blagitz

Brazil, Federal Prosecutor's Office of the State of São Paulo

Eric Freyssinet

Chief Digital Strategy Officer

France, Ministry of Interior


Thibault Brisville

France, Ministry of Interior

Hartmut Glaser 

Executive Secretary 

Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (

Isadora Peixoto

Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (

Robyn Greene 

Privacy Policy Manager, Law Enforcement Access and Data Protection 


Erick Iriarte 

Coordinator of the Working Group on the Regulatory Framework of the eLAC2020 Digital Agenda 


Robert Laid 

Judicial Cooperation Advisor 

Sirius Project (Eurojust)


Lina Aksu

Sirius Project (Eurojust)

Klaus Landefeld 

Vice Chairman of the Management Board, Director Infrastructure & Network 

Association of the Internet Industry (

Karl Linderborg

Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner
Finland, National Police Board

Tara M. Storey 

Principal Officer, Irish Central Authority for Mutual Legal Assistance 

Ireland, Department of Justice and Equality

Lim May-Ann

Director of the Fair Tech Institute, Access Partnership, and Emeritus Director of the Asia Cloud Computing Association 

Matt McGuire 

Senior Legal Counsel, Regulatory Affairs & Enforcement 


Greg Nojeim 

Senior Counsel and Director, Freedom, Security and Technology 

Project Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)

Hansol Park 

Lead Private Sector Outreach, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer 

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - UNODC

Tomas Penna 

Senior Agent


Marc Porret 

Senior Legal Officer 

United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (UNCTED)

Katitza Rodriguez 

International Rights Director 

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Bernard Shen 

Assistant General Counsel 


Jordana Siegel 

Senior Manager, Public Policy (Internet Governance) 

Amazon Web Services


Chris Wilson

Amazon Web Services


Lartease Tiffith

Amazon Web Services

Dan Svantesson 


Bond University

Peter Swire 


Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller College of Business


DeBrae Kennedy-Mayo

Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller College of Business

Michelle Richardson

Senior Privacy Policy Counsel


Robert Young 

Legal Counsel 

Canada, Department of Global Affairs