I&J convened

Published on
October 11, 2019

The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network participated with a dedicated session at the WTO Public Forum in Geneva on October 11, 2019.

The session entitled “The Next Generation and Trust in the Internet: Best Practices for Addressing Cross-Border Legal Challenges”  discussed how to maintain the trust in cross-border online services and interactions in order to ensure that coming generations can continue to have confidence in the Internet.

The session presented the results of recent work by the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network by leading global multistakeholder actors and the Outcome Documents from the 3rd Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, containing concrete proposals for Operational Norms, Criteria and Mechanisms to address some of the most pressing cross-border legal challenges of the digital 21st century.

Panellists discussed why the tension between the transnational Internet and national jurisdictions needs to be dealt with on a cross border, multi-jurisdiction basis, and the importance of this work for the young generation that have grown up with the Internet as an integral part of their lives.

The discussion highlighted the importance of evaluating how to create the legal interoperability necessary for trade to continue growing across-borders. The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network was noted as an open space to explore options and the 2019 Global Status Report provides an evidence-based starting point to take stock of trends.

The session was moderated by I&J Deputy Executive Director Paul Fehlinger and speakers included:

Nicholas Bramble
Public Policy Manager

Neha Mishra
Researcher, Global Economic Law Network and Doctoral Candidate
University of Melbourne

Chrystiane Roy
First Secretary, Digital Policy and Cybersecurity
Permanent Mission of Canada to the UN in Geneva and the WTO

Lee Tuthill
Counsellor, Division of Trade in Services and Investment
World Trade Organization

Audio recordings are now available on the Public Forum programme webpage

The Public Forum is WTO’s largest annual outreach event and gathers actors from politics, business, academics and civil society for discussions on trade and development. The theme of the 2019 Public Forum was “Trading Forward: Adapting to a Changing World”.

The Secretariat of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network participated in a workshop organized by the World Bank Group and the McKinsey Global Institute Internet Governance at the 2016 WTO Public Forum and Deputy Executive Director Paul Fehlinger was invited to give a presentation at the “Simply Services” speaker serie in September 2018.