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Published on
November 5, 2019

Director, Content & Jurisdiction Program, Frane Maroevic will testify before the 3rd International Grand Committee on Disinformation taking place on 7 November, 2019 in Dublin. 

The Grand Committee comprises of lawmakers from 12 parliaments investigating the spread of online disinformation and "fake news". The Committee will discuss how to advance international collaboration in the regulation of harmful content, hate speech and electoral interference online. Discussion will take into account: 

- The evidence of interference, hate and harmful content
- An understanding of the structural problems enabling harm
- The evolving regulatory structures and new policy proposals (such as the E-Commerce Directive and the UK White Paper on Online Harms)

Mr. Maroevic will provide information about the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network’s multistakeholder policy process, the resulting Berlin Roadmap and the Content & Jurisdiction Operational Approaches documents with their proposals for operational Norms, Criteria and Mechanisms. 

The event provides an important opportunity to present the results of the work of stakeholders in  the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network to advance to deliberations on international collaboration in online regulation.

The meeting will be the third  of the Committee which previously met in London and Ottawa. The Ottawa meeting in May of this year included representatives from the governments of Argentina, Chile, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Ecuador, Mexico, Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK and Canada as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple.