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November 5, 2019

On 7 November, 2019, Director, Content & Jurisdiction Program, Frane Maroevic testified before the 3rd International Grand Committee on Disinformation in Dublin. The event provided an important opportunity to present the results of the work of stakeholders in the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network to advance deliberations on international collaboration in online regulation.

The Grand Committee comprises of lawmakers from 12 parliaments, investigating the spread of online disinformation and "fake news". The meeting was the third of the Committee and included representatives from the governments of Australia, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Web Foundation and the InterParliamentary Union, among others.

Participants discussed how to advance international collaboration in the regulation of harmful content, hate speech and electoral interference online and noted the absence of established institutions to tackle common challenges.

During a session on international collaboration, Mr. Maroevic noted the proliferation of initiatives trying to tackle problems as they arise, often in isolation, in one nation-state, leading to increasing tensions that trigger uncoordinated short-term solutions.

Encouraging representatives of the Grand International Committee to participate in multistakeholder transnational internet governance approaches, Mr. Maroevic underscored transparency as one of the most useful tools in tackling disinformation.

“Bringing values and rules-based international order to the internet, while ensuring that democratic institutions and all fundamental human rights are fully respected, is a colossal and constantly evolving task. This is why internet governance must be a multistakeholder process” said Mr. Maroevic.

The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network was referenced as a strong example of a multistakeholder policy process. The three Program Contact Groups on: Data & Jurisdiction, Content & Jurisdiction and Domains & Jurisdiction; produced a series of proposals for operational Norms, Criteria and Mechanisms. Currently, Members in the Content & Jurisdiction Program, which tackles cross-border moderation and restrictions, are developing standards for recourse mechanisms, for normative interoperability, for transparency, to provide a common frame of reference for public and private decision-makers. 

In their signed Declaration, the Members of the International Grand Committee also called for an internationally collaborative approach and more coordination across national boundaries with regard to regulation, and committed to work with governments and relevant multilateral organisations in the establishment of such governance structures.

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Watch the full recording of the meeting here (Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network statement at 6:14:00). 

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