Synthesis Issue 3 is out!


Published on
August 14, 2013

Global Trends

  • Copyright: Reaffirmed proportionality norms despite shorter takedown delays
  • Freedom of Expression: Cross-border hate speech and online porn filtering
  • Privacy and Data Protection: Transnational data flows require cooperation
  • Defamation and Reputation: Multiple takedown procedures?
  • Technologies: Execution errors and cybertravel limitations
  • Security: Surveillance and calls for data sovereignty

How can we Enable Digital Coexistence?

  • A 21st Century Challenge: Handling diversity in cyberspace
  • Interoperability: Connecting heterogeneous actors, norms and procedures
  • Tensions: Addressing normative collisions
  • Unintended Consequences: The cost of inaction

Procedural Frameworks for Interoperability and Fair Process

  • Scope: What issues need to be addressed?
  • Building Blocks: What fair process components?
  • The Way Forward: How to develop such framework(s)?