Synthesis Issue 2 Released


Published on
February 20, 2012

The second issue of Synthesis is out now!

This report summarizes the main results of the monitoring activity of the Internet & Jurisdiction Observatory and of the ongoing multistakeholder dialogue process between June and December of 2012. It is designed to highlight emerging patterns and stimulate discussion around a variety of corresponding key questions.

An outline of the publication follows.

Global Trends

  • Copyright: After ACTA: Contradictions, pragmatism and process validation
  • Freedom of Expression: High profile hate speech cases reveal unclear norms and procedures
  • Privacy and Data Protection: “Lex Americana” vs. “Lex Europaea” for data protection?
  • Defamation and Reputation: Brazil and Argentina weigh in
  • Technologies: The legality of cybertravel
  • Security: Online safety as new European focus?

Sovereignty and the Geography of Cyberspace

  • Geography of Cyberspace: National jurisdictions and online commons
  • Trans-border Impacts: Extra-territorial extension of sovereignty
  • Special Responsibility: Sovereignty can harm sovereignty

Frameworks for Cross-border Platforms

  • Terms of Service and national laws: Implementation challenges
  • Procedures: Beyond scalability issues
  • Safeguards: How to ensure due process?
  • Interfacing Procedures: Towards an interoperability framework?