"Rule of Laws" I&J Article for Freedom Online Coalition


Published on
September 8, 2016

Establishing the Rule of Law online

An I&J Article titled The Rule of Law(s) on the Cross-border Internet was published by the Freedom Online Coalition on September 8, 2016. The article appeared as part of the FOC's Digital Development and Openness working group blog series, and was written by I&J's Deputy Director, Paul Fehlinger, in his capacity as a working group member.

The challenge is therefore not necessarily how to establish the Rule of Law online — but how to cope with the simultaneous “rule of laws”.

Digital Development and Openness

The FOC's Digital Development and Openness working group focuses on the link between digital development and the rule of law as relating to Internet freedom and human rights. It seeks to explore ways to further strengthen rule of law principles and good practices in a way that addresses emerging challenges, respects human rights, and maximizes the impact of the Internet for social and economic development. In 2014, Internet & Jurisdiction's Deputy Director, Paul Fehlinger, was selected as one of 13 individuals to serve in the Working Group alongside the WG Co-chairs, the Swedish government and Katrin Nyman-Metcalf.

The global community may have developed high-level human rights and Rule of Law norms, but it still lacks appropriate policy standards and cross-border frameworks for how to apply them in an operational manner on the Internet.