I&J Article published in Indian CyFy Journal


Published on
October 18, 2016

An I&J article written by Bertrand de La Chapelle and Paul Fehlinger, Internet & Jurisdiction's Directors, was published in Global Policy: Digital Debates 2016, the third volume of the Observer Research Foundation's CyFy Journal. The article, titled "Jurisdiction on the Internet: How to Move Beyond the Legal Arms Race," was also posted on the ORF's website on October 14, 2016 as part of ORF's "Expert Speak" series.


Today, most daily activities on the Internet involve multiple jurisdictions at once, allowing ample possibilities for conflicting laws to come into contact.

Internet & Jurisdiction's Retrospect Database lists numerous examples of cross-border litigation and applications of national laws on the global Internet, but applying legal frameworks, rooted in territorial boundaries, on the cross-border Internet is not a scalable solution.

Ongoing issue-based cooperative processes among all stakeholders are needed to tackle these pressing issues. Such processes can generate norms and procedures, which later engender policy standards and mutual commitments between stakeholders. 

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