Domains & Jurisdiction Framing Paper


Published on
May 12, 2017

Framing Domain Suspensions Across Jurisdictions

Cross-border domain name suspension requests are increasingly sent to technical operators based on the content or activity of underlying websites. Such measures have global impact by nature and therefore require strong procedural guarantees to ensure proportionality and respect of the neutrality of this technical layer. Common vernacular must also be agreed upon between the technical and policymaking communities to permit fruitful discussions. What are the criteria for abuses that can justify domain suspension, and how can the transparency of such requests be increased? 

Based on discussions facilitated by the I&J Policy Network, this paper presents a general framing of the challenges, approaches, and initiatives related to cross-border domain suspension requests.

Domains & Jurisdiction framing paper 2017

I&J's Ongoing Work Related to the DNS

The Domains & Jurisdiction program addresses how current practices for cross-border user data requests can be improved based on the areas of cooperation identified by participants in Workstream III of the 2016 Global Internet & Jurisdiction Conference

A multistakeholder Domains & Jurisdiction Contact Group has also been established to determine what could realistically and pragmatically be achieved within each area for cooperation. Policy Options identified by the Domains group and other parallel Contact Groups on Data and Content will be circulated ahead of the 2018 Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference.