Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network in the New York Times

Published on
April 15, 2019

Days before the release of the the “Operational Approaches” with proposed Norms, Criteria and Mechanisms developed by the over 100 Members of the thematic Program’s of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, the multistakeholder organisation is featured in a New York Times piece on global online regulation trends.

“We’re entering a new phase of hyper regulation,” says Paul Fehlinger, the Deputy Executive Director of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, in the article. “There is a major risk that we end up in a situation where short-term political pressure trumps long-term vision” about the future of the cross-border internet.

This political pressure for standards and operational solutions around the world makes the need for policy coherence and multistakeholder collaboration more important than ever. 

Therefore the “Operational Approaches” jointly developed in the thematic Programs of the Policy Network by stakeholders from around the world will be an important contribution to regulations and transnational frameworks addressing crucial challenges and abuses online, while at the same protecting human rights and enabling a global digital economy. 

The 3rd Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction & Jurisdiction Policy Network takes place on June 3-5, 2019.