I&JPN Referenced in UN HLP Report Chapter on Digital Cooperation Mechanisms

Published on
June 30, 2019

The High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation was convened by the UN Secretary-General to provide recommendations on how the international community could work together to optimize the use of digital technologies and mitigate the risks. 

In June 2019, the Panel published a report “The Age of Digital Interdependence” and with a series of recommendations to improve digital cooperation.

The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network is referenced in the Report as an organization that has highlighted the need for strengthened cooperation mechanisms for the digital society.

The need for strengthened cooperation mechanisms has been raised many times in recent years by broad initiatives – such as the NetMundial Conference,191 the Global Commission on Internet Governance192 and Web Foundation’s Contract for the Web193 – and more narrowly focused efforts such as the Broadband Commission, the Alliance for Affordable Internet, the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, the Charter of Trust, Smart Africa, and the International Panel on AI recently announced by Canada and France.