I&JPN presents the Toolkit on DNS Level Action to Address Abuses

Published on
October 7, 2021

On September 29, 2021, Elizabeth Behsudi, Director of the I&JPN Domains & Jurisdiction Program presented the I&JPN Toolkit on DNS Level Action Address Abuses to participants at the LACTLD Policy and Legal Workshop 2021. 

LACTLD is a non-profit organization that groups country code top-level domain administrators of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its goal is to strengthen the development of skills and capabilities and to promote cooperation among its members.

Each year LACTLD organizes three workshops — a Commercial Workshop, a Legal and Policy Workshop, and a Technical Workshop — where members meet to discuss issues of regional and global interest.

The I&JPN Toolkit on DNS Level Action to Address Abuses identifies substantive and procedural thresholds to determine when acting at the DNS may be appropriate as well as a framework for coordinating the interactions between relevant actors. The Toolkit further identifies types of abuses that may be addressed at the DNS level, their corresponding thresholds for action, as well as the sequence of interaction between notifiers, registrars and registries. 

About the Toolkit

The Toolkit is the result of broad consultations with key policy actors since the 1st Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network in 2016, and the tireless work of governments, companies, international organizations, civil society, technical operators, and academics who have collaborated to develop interoperable solutions to address abuses within the Domain Name System.