I&JPN incubated Datasphere Initiative welcomes 9 Fellows

Published on
November 2, 2021

The Datasphere Initiative’s Fellowship is an opportunity for graduate students and young professionals to work on novel research and dialogue related to data governance from October 2021 to August 2022.

Data increasingly underpins and reflects most human activities. The volume of data, be it personal or non-personal, collected and produced, stored, utilized, and in transit, grows at an accelerated pace. Data opens up opportunities for unprecedented social and economic value creation in a broad diversity of sectors, potentially ushering a new era of well-being for all. At the same time, legitimate concerns have emerged regarding security threats, economic imbalances, and human rights abuses that can impact a society increasingly dependent upon data.

Datasphere Initiative Fellows and Senior Fellows will conduct research on relevant policymaking topics covered by the Datasphere Initiative including, but not exclusively, best practices and frameworks for data governance, free flow of data, data governance to support the sustainable development goals within issues such as climate change, health and poverty, data governance for innovation in sectors such as health and agriculture, and many others. 

They will be invited to bring their own knowledge and research agenda to the Fellowship, working on case studies of countries or initiatives that build on their research, while contributing to advance the Datasphere Initiative goals of promoting awareness raising, capacity building and policy making. 

We are excited to welcome such talented professionals to the Datasphere Initiative. The Fellows bring a diversity of work interests, viewpoints, gender, and disciplinary and geographic representation necessary for any work on data issues. We look forward to supporting their path and learning from their success”, said Carolina Rossini, Chief Impact and Partnerships Officer, Datasphere Initiative, who will coordinate the program.

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