I&JPN Director presents Toolkit to Anti-Abuse Working Group

Published on
April 16, 2021

On April 15, 2021, Director of the Domains & Jurisdiction Program Elizabeth Behsudi presented the new Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network Toolkit on Domain Name System (DNS) Level Action to Address Abuses to the Registries Stakeholder Group Anti-Abuse Working Group. 

The Registries Stakeholder Group Anti-Abuse Working Group is a sub-group within the Registries Stakeholder Group, of the Generic Names Supporting Organization within the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), dedicated to examining DNS technical abuse issues.

Focusing on anti-abuse, the working group develops and recommends best practices for tackling technical abuse at the DNS level. Many of the best practices featured in the working group have been developed within I&JPN Domains & Jurisdiction Program.

The I&JPN Toolkit provides information on preserving the internet's technical layer when applying DNS level action to address abuses. It intends to support DNS operators in the design of their DNS abuse-related activities, notifiers in the detection and reporting of problematic activity within the DNS, as well as legislators, and law enforcement to determine procedures for dealing with different types of DNS Abuse.

“The Toolkit represents the combined thinking and best efforts of a stellar group of subject matter experts on DNS-related abuses.  It contains guides, taxonomies, workflows, and concrete,  implementable solutions.  These tools can anchor or strengthen anti-abuse policies and protocols and help to educate internet stakeholders and end-users on how to best address abuses at the DNS level while ensuring due process.”, said Ms. Behsudi.

The Toolkit is the result of broad consultations with key policy actors since the 1st Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network in 2016, and the tireless work of governments, companies, international organizations, civil society, technical operators, and academics who have collaborated to develop interoperable solutions to Domain Name System-level action to address abuses. 

The Toolkit would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of I&JPN Domains & Jurisdiction Program Contact Group Members. The I&JPN Secretariat is immensely grateful for the hard work of stakeholders. (Meet the Members here).