I&JPN co-hosts Omdena AI Challenge to map the Datasphere

Published on
September 13, 2021

Data increasingly underpins and reflects most human activities. The volume of data, be it personal or non-personal, collected and produced, stored, utilized, and in transit, grows at an accelerated pace. The Datasphere is the notional space where all of this digital data exists.

Currently being incubated by the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, the Datasphere Initiative seeks to bring a new, holistic and positive approach to the governance of the Datasphere. 

As a first task, the Datasphere Initiative is working with Omdena on an AI challenge to map and provide visualizations of the Datasphere as a whole and its different dimensions, building on datasets of personal and/or non-personal data. 

The ultimate objective is to make the Datasphere and its structure tangible for users and decision-makers and to generate an emotional reaction to catalyze a rethinking of how the Datasphere could be collaboratively governed for the benefit of everyone.