I&J Global Knowledge Network

Published on
March 25, 2021

For the past years, the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network’s collaborations with regional and global institutions, the production of its Status Reports and Regional Conferences have led to the assembly of the I&J Global Knowledge Network (GKN) of 400+ senior-working-level experts stemming from all continents including Africa, Latin America and Asia across all relevant stakeholder groups (GOV, IGO, ACA, BUSINESS, CIV, TEC). 


This network of decision makers and practitioners has consistently shown that there is an appetite to mutualize their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all. Their contributions further translate an often overwhelming and fragmented environment of policy approaches and initiatives into a holistic overview of trends from a global and regional perspective for policymakers and shapers. It moreover enables amplification of regional views that often are not receiving the full attention they deserve for a fully inclusive digital transformation of societies without unintended consequences.

Knowledge is shared in form of surveys, moderated dialogues, polling and interviews. Outputs of the network range from Global Status Reports, Topical policy briefs, Regional Status Reports to capacity building materials. 

If you are a policymaker or knowledgeable practitioner you can join the hundreds of contributors for future activities to share your valuable perspectives on emerging trends and key challenges. The inclusive and multistakeholder effort of I&J’s Knowledge Mutualization initiative is richer thanks to their generous time and input.


Your potential contributions, which you would be asked to provide in your personal capacity, would be handled strictly confidentially and only used as non-attributed. Of course, you would be duly acknowledged in future contributors lists together with other key stakeholders.