ICANN Registries Stakeholder Group references I&J Outcome in new Guidance

Published on
March 24, 2021

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Registries Stakeholder Group has referenced an Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network (I&JPN) resource on Domain Name System (DNS) Technical Abuse: Choice of Action (I&JPN REF: 20-114) in new guidance released at the ICANN Virtual Community Forum, 22-25 March 2021.

Once technical abuse has been identified, DNS Operators must decide how to address the abuse.  DNS-level action has a major impact not only on the domain name, itself but on other activities linked to the domain name, such as email, name servers, databases, and other services that are linked to the domain name.  For this reason, DNS-level action to address abuses must be not only effective but efficient. The I&J resource lists and explains the various technical actions that DNS Operators may employ to combat technical abuse and the effects and limitations of each action.

The Outcome (available for download here), is part of a wider effort by the I&JPN Domains & Jurisdiction Program which brings together over 30 senior-level global key actors from governments, internet companies, technical operators, civil society, leading universities, and international organizations to assist both Notifiers and DNS-Operators in reporting and remediating technical abuse.

(Meet the Members here).

The resource is included in a recently launched I&JPN Toolkit: DNS Level Action to Address Abuses produced by I&JPN to support DNS Operators in the design of their DNS Abuse related activities, Notifiers in the detection and reporting of problematic activity within the DNS, as well as Legislators, and Law Enforcement to determine procedures for dealing with different types of DNS Abuse.



The Secretariat of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network is pleased to see stakeholders leverage the work of the Domains & Jurisdiction Program as it provides a common frame of reference for public and private decision-makers in their efforts to combat technical abuse.