I&JPN joins State of the DNS 2022 Workshop

Published on
November 17, 2022

On November 8, 2022, Bertrand de La Chapelle, Executive Director of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network (I&JPN), and Ajith Francis, Director of Policy Programs, participated in the State of the DNS 2022 Workshop organized by eco - Association of the Internet Industry in Brussels. This workshop sought to bring together different stakeholders, including participants from the European Commission, on the topic of DNS abuse.

The workshop was an opportunity for different participants, particularly DNS Registries, Registrars, and other actors working on the topic of DNS abuse, to share updates on their efforts and facilitate a coordinated approach towards addressing the topic. The workshop was structured around the recommendations included in a new study on Domain Name System Abuse commissioned by the European Commission

Participants exchanged views on the status of various initiatives working on measures against DNS Abuse and proposed new approaches to preventing and mitigating such threats.

The workshop identified some measures that are particularly important and promising to counter DNS Abuse.

A key component of remediating DNS abuse is the clarity and division of roles and responsibilities of the different actors engaged in the remediation, starting from notifiers to DNS operators”, said Ajith Francis, Director of Policy Programs, Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network.

From framing problems in common to developing operational approaches, stakeholders in the Domains & Jurisdiction Program have worked collectively towards addressing policy problems, sharing knowledge, and designing common policy approaches for cross-border DNS-level action to address abuses since 2016.

Recent outcomes launched in 2022 include a Framing Brief to help operators, law enforcement, security researchers and governments address the challenges of remediating botnets and the threats they pose and an outcome on Typology and Framework Components for Trusted Notifiers. This outcome is intended to provide a framework upon which formalized contractual agreements between Notifiers and DNS Operators may be based.

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