Frane Maroevic, Director, Content & Jurisdiction Program speaks at Fundamental Rights Forum 2021

Published on
October 17, 2021

On October 12, 2021, Frane Maroevic, Director, Content & Jurisdiction Program participated in the Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 ‘Advancing human-rights with ROAM in digital age’.

The Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 is a platform for dialogue about the human rights challenges that Europe faces. Bringing together diverse stakeholders, the 2021 Forum was a hybrid event, with the main stage in Vienna and hubs in Strasbourg, Geneva, Warsaw, Ljubljana, and Oslo.

The session addressed the application of universal ROAM principles to other technology ecosystems. The ROAM principles developed by UNESCO in 2017, are a set of over 300 indicators to assess the state of Internet development in the context of human Rights, Openness, Accessibility, Multi-stakeholder participation (ROAM). 

Panelists discussed how the ROAM principles can be used to help foster digital transformation that promotes and protects human rights, leaving no one behind.

Mr. Maroevic shared the work of the I&JPN Program on Content that is currently exploring two relevant topics to the ROAM Principles:

1) How to deal with the geographical reach of content restrictions:
2) How to frame the debate on transparency to help all actors better define what issues or problems transparency can help to address. 

It is clear that these discussions will also benefit from and hopefully contribute to the ROAM principles of Rights, Openness, Accessibility, and Multi-stakeholder participation as a holistic framework to help shape the design, application, and governance of our online activities” said Mr. Maroevic.

Mr. Maroevic shared resources from the I&JPN Toolkit on Cross-Border Content Moderation that provides an overview of some of the key challenges of managing online content across a diversity of local laws and norms. The aim of the Toolkit is to facilitate cooperation and harmonize due process mechanisms. It includes a number of taxonomies to help different stakeholders have a shared understanding of the issues they are working on and structure some of the key elements of content moderation processes. 

All these tools have at their core the protection of human rights, improving openness and accessibility and are developed in a multistakeholder format.” said Mr. Maroevic.

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