Framing Papers Released for I&J's Data, Content, and Domains Programs

Published on
May 15, 2017

Framing Jurisdictional Challenges

Internet & Jurisdiction is pleased to announce the release of framing papers addressing three of the most salient topics related to jurisdiction on the internet: access to user data, content takedown, and domain suspensions.

Based on discussions facilitated by the I&J Policy Network and the outcomes of the 2016 Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference, these papers present a general framing of the challenges, approaches, and initiatives related to each of these topics.

Download the papers by clicking on the icons below:

Internet & Jurisdiction Problem Framing: Cross-border Access to User Data        Internet & Jurisdiction Problem Framing: Cross-border Content Takedown        Internet & Jurisdiction Problem Framing: Cross-border Domain Suspension

Ongoing Work of the I&J Policy Network

Related work of the I&J Policy Network, including relevant events and details about the three newly formed multistakeholder Contact Groups, can be found on I&J's program pages:

Data & Jurisdiction
Content & Jurisdiction
Domains & Jurisdiction