Financial Times: Vint Cerf Highlights the Importance of the 2nd Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference

Published on
February 20, 2018

Advisory Group Member Vint Cerf writes in the Financial Times on February 20, 2018 about the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network's second Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference, which takes place on February 26-28, 2018 in Ottawa, Canada. 

[The second Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference] is a chance that should not be missed. The future of the cross-border internet depends on it."​

Know as "father of the Internet", Vint Cerf, who co-invented the Internet's basic architecture, highlights: 

"Managing the way that a large number of separate legal frameworks apply to the internet is one of the big policy challenges of our time — more complex even than building the internet itself." ​​

Mr Cerf concludes by calling upon stakeholders in the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network to seize the opportunity of the 2nd Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference to develop policy standards and operational solutions that are as transnational and scalable as the Internet itself. 

Those gathering in Ottawa will take stock of the work conducted within the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network. This multi-stakeholder organisation supports the effort to develop international norms governing the internet. It is supported by key governments, the big internet companies, technical operators, civil society and international organisations. This is a unique opportunity for all those actors to make further progress in developing a governance structure that would allow the internet to continue to flourish, while at the same time addressing the problem of harmful abuse. ​

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