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Published on
October 15, 2018

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) together with the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network jointly organized the regional conference "Challenges in an Interconnected World: Cross-border Data Flows, Data Protection and Cybersecurity" on November 22, 2018, at ECLAC’s Headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

The conference gathered high-level representatives from governments, the private sector and civil society from the region to discuss policy priorities and concrete ways to address cross-border challenges on the internet at both regional and global levels. It identified key trends and challenges in the region, and explored synergies between the work in the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network and ELAC’s Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean (eLAC) process, including the outcomes of the Sixth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, which took place in Cartagena, Colombia in 2018.

The meeting gathered over 60 participants and representatives from 12 countries. The conference program was designed around panel discussions on the state of cross-border data flows, privacy and data protection in Latin America.

The first panel discussion, “The New Global Architecture on Cross-border Data Flow: Challenges of Territoriality in an Interconnected World” was moderated by Bertrand de La Chapelle, Executive Director of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network. Panelists included Bruno Gencarelli, Head of the Data Flow and Protection Unit of the European Commission, Jorge Atton, Presidential Delegate on Cybersecurity of the Republic of Chile, Thiago Jardim, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Castro, Vice President at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), Pablo Bello, Executive Director of the Inter-American Association of Telecommunications Companies (ASIET) and Carolina Limbatto, Principal Analyst for Americas at Cullen International. 

The second panel discussion, “Pending Challenges on Data Protection Legislation in Latin America and the Caribbean”, was moderated by Sebastian Rovira, Economic Affairs Officer at ECLAC. Panelists included Marcelo Drago Aguirre, Chair of Transparency Council at the Republic of Chile, Héctor Huici, Undersecretary of Regulation at the Ministry of Modernization of the Government of Argentina, Laura Nahabetian, Data Protection Unit of the Government of Uruguay and Chair of the Ibero-American Data Protection Network, Erick Iriarte, Alfa-redi and Coordinator of the Working Group on the normative framework of the eLAC2020 digital Agenda, Gonzalo Navarro, Executive Director of the Latin American Internet Association (ALAI) and Paloma Szerman, Regulation Manager for Latam at GSMA. 

The conference program also included interactive workshops corresponding to the three thematic programs of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network: Data & JurisdictionContent & Jurisdiction and Domains & Jurisdiction.

The outcome of the panels and workshops will allow stakeholders to advance the development of solutions and operational standards both in the context of the eLAC process, and the 3rd Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, that will take place on June 3-5, 2019, in Berlin, Germany. ECLAC is one of the official institutional supporters of the 3rd Global Conference. 

The recording of the Session can be found here