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Published on
February 5, 2013

The Internet & Jurisdiction Observatory recently held its first physical meeting of members in Paris at the Centre Pompidou. Members of the Internet & Jurisdiction Observatory gathered together with friends of the international expert network and Vint Cerf, the co-founder of the Internet, for an intensive one-day workshop titled “What is the Geography of Cyberspace? Cross-border Internet, national jurisdictions and the quest for appropriate frameworks."

The event allowed to scrutinize the issue from an interdisciplinary perspective and discussed in particular emerging global trends and the interrelation between national jurisdictions and shared cross-border online spaces in order to identify possible frameworks to handle the tension. The debate touched upon the notion of sovereignty in an interconnected world, the interoperability of heterogeneous governance frameworks and fair process frameworks for cross-border online spaces. The workshop is part of the global preparatory process for the IGF 2013 that will take place in Indonesia.


Bertrand de La Chapelle


Internet & Jurisdiction

Paul Fehlinger

Deputy Executive Director

Chinmayi Arun

Executive Director, Centre for Communication Governance

National Law University, Delhi

Constance Bommelaer

Senior Director, Global Internet Policy


Francis Augusto Medeiros

Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law

University of Oslo

Gail Kent

Global Public Policy Manager


Ian Brown

Oxford Internet Institute & Cyber Security Center

Oxford University

Severine Arsene

Laboratoire Communication et Politique

CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)

Tobias Mahler

Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law

University of Oslo

Vint Cerf

Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist


Susan Perry


American University Paris

Matthias Kettemann

Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders”

University of Frankfurt

Claudia Roda


American University Paris

Harry Halpin

Staff Contact