I&J convened

Published on
October 6, 2022

The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network (I&JPN) hosted a webinar to present its recently released Framing BriefImproving the Workflow of Fighting Botnets: Handling Algorithmically Generated Domains (AGDs)”. The webinar took place on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.


A Botnet (short for “robot network”) is a network of servers and devices that have been targeted and infected by malware. The attacking party can use the computers on its botnet to carry out coordinated criminal action. The scale of a botnet enables the attacker to perform wide-spread malicious actions, such as phishing, spam delivery or even denial of service attacks.

Large scale botnet attacks are not a daily occurrence but once they happen, it is important to act swiftly. Tackling a botnet requires cross-border cooperation of multiple stakeholders and quick well-coordinated action.

The Domains & Jurisdiction Contact Group has been working on addressing some cooperation and coordination challenges arising in the mitigation of botnets at a global scale and identified key questions that need to be addressed. 

The result of this work is the Framing Brief: Improving the Workflow of Fighting Botnets: Handling Algorithmically Generated Domains (AGDs) which provides a brief outline of the way tackling AGD botnets is currently undertaken, identifying the role of different actors in the process and the challenges of the existing cooperation measures. Also, the document identifies possible measures that may aid the speedy mitigation of threats and documents where further dialogue and cooperation are required as well as key structuring questions that need to be clarified.

The webinar provided an opportunity to present the document, and gave a space for Q&A.


• Moderator | Bertrand de La Chapelle, Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network

• Peter Van Roste, Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR)

Maciej Korczynski, Grenoble Alps University, Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory

Alan Woods, Identity Digital Inc 

Rowena Schoo, DNS Abuse Institute