I&J contributed

Published on
December 10, 2021

On December 9, 2021, Director of the Domains & Jurisdiction Program Elizabeth Behsudi participated in the IGF 2021 WS #268 Right to safe medicines: Managing competing interests online.

The workshop, co-organized by Governance Primer and ONR Consulting, Inc. discussed the steps the Internet Governance community should take to facilitate solutions to issues that depend on the balancing of competing interests, such as is the case of the sale of medicines online and emphasized that online access to non-narcotic maintenance medicines is a critical need.   

Ms. Behsudi shared how the I&JPN Methodology to policymaking can be used to support the work of stakeholders' dealing with transnational policy challenges. 

Cross-border challenges require innovative solutions and the participation of key stakeholders developing concrete policy structures and solutions that are interoperable among both norms and actors on a global scale. Affordable access to essential medicines is a necessary component of the human right to health and demands coherent digital policy and scalable solutions.”