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Published on
May 6, 2016

Free Expression Developments of 2015

On April 5, 2016, the I&J Project’s Bertrand de La Chapelle spoke at the Justice for Free Expression in 2015 conference, held by Columbia Global Freedom of Expression. The session, which concluded the event, was titled “FOE On-Line: Debate on Notable Developments in 2015.”


Mishi Choudhary

Legal Director

Software Freedom Law Center

Bertrand de La Chapelle


Internet & Jurisdiction

Ross LaJeunesse

Global Head of International Relations


Rebecca MacKinnon

Director, Ranking Digital Rights

New America Foundation

Andrew McLaughlin

Head of Content

Medium NYC

Mark Stephens


Howard Kennedy LLP

About the Conference

Columbia Global Freedom of Expression was established in 2014, bringing together international experts and activists to survey, document, and strengthen free expression. To achieve its mission of protecting the free flow of information and expression online, the Global Freedom of Expression produces and commissions research and policy projects, as well as organizes events and conferences.

The Justice for Free Expression annual conference was launched in 2015, gathering leading experts from international organizations, courts, civil society, business, and academia. In the Justice for Free Expression in 2014 event, the I&J Project’s Bertrand de La Chapelle participated in a session titled “The ‘right to be forgotten’ and other legal developments—Are courts around the world reinventing on-line regulation?” More information on that event can be found here.

Top Internet Jurisdiction Trends of 2015

Internet & Jurisdiction's publication, 2015 in Retrospect highlights the most important cases related to jurisdiction, freedom of expression, and privacy.