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Published on
December 12, 2016

Reporting on the Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference

The global multistakeholder policy network Internet & Jurisdiction held an Open Forum session at the United Nations 2016 Internet Governance Forum, which took place from December 6–9, 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico. The purpose of the Open Forum was to inform a broader range of IGF participants about the work of the Internet & Jurisdiction policy network

Bertrand de La Chapelle, Executive Director of Internet & Jurisdiction, took the opportunity to present the outcomes of the Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference to the internet governance community. Several members of the GIJC Advisory Group were also invited to comment on their participation in the conference, which was lauded as timely and successful.

The presentation and video from the session are included below.

Key Takeaways

There was a shared sense of urgency among stakeholders to address the issue of jurisdiction on the internet in creative and operational ways. Actors expressed the need to:

  • Continue working across silos, bridging stakeholder groups, building trust, and strengthening cooperation
  • Enact global, multistakeholder solutions rather than unilateral approaches
  • Move beyond dialogue and toward the development of operational solutions
  • Ensure transparency and accountability for cross-border requests regarding data, content, and domains
  • Identify good practices and establish systems for their monitoring and evaluation
  • Establish clear rule of law and due process systems for interactions across borders 
  • Further expand outreach efforts to broaden geographic inclusion in the Internet & Jurisdiction policy network

Though the Internet & Jurisdiction Secretariat has organized workshops and spoken on numerous panels in previous IGFs, this was Internet & Jurisdiction's first Open Forum. The transcript can be found here.

Open Fora at the IGF

Open Fora are time slots delegated to organizations dealing with Internet governance-related issues. In 2016, 46 organizations were granted an Open Forum by the United Nations, including the African Union, the European Commission, ICANN, ISOC, Japan (G7 presidency), UNESCO, ITU, CGI.br, and the Organization of American States.