I&J contributed

Published on
June 1, 2016

Digitalization of Society

Internet & Jurisdiction’s Manager, Paul Fehlinger, was invited to contribute to the OECD IdeaFactoryon May 31, 2016. As a part of OECD Week, the IdeaFactory brings together a range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives from across the policy community in a highly interactive and engaging environment. Lead by an OECD facilitation team, the select group of participants explores relevant social phenomena and the potential of new ideas.

The session, titled “Digitalization of Society,” examined the critical challenges and main dilemmas resulting from the current and future developments of the digital world. Mr. Fehlinger discussed the need for new transnational policy frameworks to deal with the strain on traditional legal systems caused by rapid digitization across the world.

About the OECD

The IdeaFactory is held as a part of the annual OECD Forum, which gathers ministers and opinion leaders from all sectors of society to engage on policy issues in the interest of strengthening productivity and promoting inclusive and sustainable growth. The theme for the 2016 OECD Forum is “Productive Economies, Inclusive Societies,” and it will take place from May 31 – June 1, 2016 in Paris, France.

OECD Week is comprised of both the Forum and the subsequent OECD Council Meeting. The event serves as a source of input for the OECD Ministerial Meeting, which will be held in Cancún, Mexico in June, 2016.