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Published on
March 3, 2017

Policies for a Digital Future

Internet & Jurisdiction was invited to present the work of the policy network and the outcomes of the first Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference to the G20 at a conference organized by the German Presidency on April 6, 2017. 

The multistakeholder event, titled "Digitalization: Policies for a Digital Future," was held in preparation for the first ever meeting of G20 Digital Ministers in Düsseldorf on April 7, 2017.


Bertrand de La Chapelle

Executive Director

Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network

Kathy Brown

President and CEO

Internet Society

Pam Dixon


World Privacy Forum

Gesche Joost


Berlin University of the Arts

Carlos López Blanco

Global Head, Public and Regulatory Affairs


John Frank

Vice President, EU Government Affairs


Gerd Billen

State Secretary

German Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

A Task Force for the Digital Economy was also created following the conference to identify short-term digital policy priorities. As expressed by the German G20 Presidency,

If we want to use digitalisation for the good of all people, we need a joint, international framework. We need shared rules and standards that apply around the globe.

G20 Digital Policy

The Digital Ministers of the G20 and select guest countries focused on three core policy areas:

  • Shaping digitalization at a global level to enhance growth and employment
  • Developing international standards for industrial value creation
  • Enhancing trust in the digital world through transparency

Bertrand de La Chapelle, Executive Director of Internet & Jurisdiction, joined the panel of experts addressing the topic of transparency in particular. 

Internet & Jurisdiction's Work with Transparency

As indicated by the outcomes of the 2016 Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference, transparency is a cross-cutting area for cooperation deeply relevant to cross-border requests for user data, content removal, and domain seizures. 

Mr. de La Chapelle elaborated on the specific challenges to transparency in each of these fields, as well as Internet & Jurisdiction's work to foster transparency through multistakeholder cooperation.