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May 27, 2021

On June 1, 2021, Director of the I&JPN Content & Jurisdiction Program Frane Maroevic presented how the I&JPN Toolkit on Cross-border Content Moderation can help alleviate some of the challenges of managing online content by different countries to the European Internet Forum.

The debate “Digital Services Act: creating effective rules for content moderation in the EU",discussed diverse perspectives on the Commission’s proposal for a Digital Services Act and how to best create a comprehensive, workable and effective set of rules for digital services in Europe. 

Invited panelists presented their views and debated key provisions of the EU Digital Services Act including:

- How to best create a harmonized framework to tackle illegal content while protecting users’ fundamental rights online? 
- What will be the subsequent impact of the proposed obligations on companies operating in a diverse digital ecosystem? 
- How to ensure effective cross-border application of the new rules? 

The event aims to foster discussion on the opportunities and the challenges of this reform.

The regulatory mechanisms established in the DSA will require the development of procedures for implementation and tools for cooperation between the national regulators. The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network has over the last few years produced a number of such tools and procedures and more importantly, a methodology for developing solutions that are inclusive of the views of all stakeholders, procedurally effective, strengthen due process and the protection of human rights.” said Frane Maroevic, Director of the I&JPN Content & Jurisdiction Program.

Mr. Maroevic highlighted a number of elements in the I&JPN Toolkit for Cross-Border Content Moderation that can directly support the implementation of the current DSA proposal:

- Essential components for recourse mechanisms (Art. 14, 17, and 18 DSA), (pp. 26-28 Toolkit)

- Notifications to intermediary services and to users (Art. 14 & 15 DSA), (pp. 15, 31, 34 & 40 Toolkit)
- Territorial scope of orders against illegal content(Art. 8 DSA), (p. 24 Toolkit) 
- In addition tools such as the Typology of Content (p.30), Identification and Notice sources (p.31), Typology of detection modalities (p.33), and Choice of Action (p.37) can greatly assist the Regulators as they work together in implementing this Regulation.

I&JPN work on content moderation aims to address ways to manage globally-available content in light of the diversity of local laws and norms applicable on the internet. The I&JPN Toolkit on Cross-border Content Moderation is the result of broad consultations with key policy actors since the 1st Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network in 2016, and the tireless work of governments, companies, international organizations, civil society, technical operators, and academics who have collaborated to develop interoperable solutions to cross-border content moderation.

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