Published on
May 5, 2022

The Domains & Jurisdiction Program remains engaged in building clarity and common approaches to DNS level action to address online abuse and working to enhance policy coherence and develop solutions for legal interoperability.

The Domains & Jurisdiction Policy Program Meeting will take place on May 12 and 13, 2022 in Paris to take stock of progress on the 10th anniversary of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network and discuss ways forward.

The group will also discuss current work items including the following resources:

Outcome: Trusted Notifiers: Typology and Framework Components

This multistakeholder outcome provides a ‘Typology’ of the different types of Trusted Notifiers and shares information on the different ‘Attributes of a Trusted Notifier Relationship’, which provides guidance on how to establish Trusted Notifier relationships, including common attributes of formal trusted notifier arrangements. To help provide a framework upon which formalized contractual agreements between Notifiers and DNS Operators may be based, the resource also catalogs the different substantive considerations that may form the basis of an agreement based on mutual affirmations of commitments between Notifiers and Operators. Such arrangements are intended to facilitate coordinated action on addressing abuses at the DNS Level.

Improving the Workflow of Botnets: Handling Algorithmically Generated Domains 

The Contact Group is currently discussing the topic of addressing algorithmically generated domains or botnets including potential frameworks to enhance global cooperation in the validation and remediation of botnets.