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Published on
May 4, 2022

Bertrand de La Chapelle, Executive Director and Co-founder of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network and Chief Vision Officer at the Datasphere Initiative, participated in an online interdisciplinary conference on May 27, 2022 “Intelligent and autonomous: emergent digital technologies between ethics, law, and self-regulation”, organized by the Vytautas Magnus University. 

The session "Governing the global digital society: From regulation to governance protocol(s)" took place from 3pm - 4pm ETT (6am - 7am UTC). 

Speakers of the conference discussed, among other topics, the potential for, and obstacles to self-regulation of emergent digital technologies, strategies for governance of emerging digital technologies, the role of data and information in contemporary societies, datafication, the ethics of emerging digital technologies, and the changing balance between humans and technology in the contemporary digital environment. 


The conference brought together scholars and practitioners to discuss the present and future of digital technologies. Topics discussed included how digital technologies play an increasingly central role in our everyday lives through autonomous embodied agents (robots, vehicles, drones, etc.), AI-enabled business and governance tools, data analytics and content moderation tools used by platform companies, smart home, and smart city infrastructures. 

Participants discussed novel approaches to thinking about matters pertaining to disinformation, security, and citizen engagement with new technologies.