I&J convened

Published on
October 9, 2015

Towards Transnational Due Process Frameworks

Internet & Jurisdiction convened a meeting of the global multistakeholder policy network on October 8-9, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The meeting gathered key actors from states, Internet companies, technical operators, civil society, academia, and international organizations to address the tension between the cross-border nature of the Internet and geographically defined national jurisdictions.

Internet & Jurisdiction provides a neutral platform for states, business, civil society, and international organizations to discuss the elaboration of a transnational due process framework to handle the digital coexistence of diverse national laws in shared cross-border online spaces. This pioneering multistakeholder cooperation effort seeks to develop a “policy standard” for transnational requests for domain seizures, content takedowns, and access to user data.

2015 is an important moment that determines the future of the multistakeholder model in global Internet Governance. Internet & Jurisdiction hopes to provide an opportunity to demonstrate that multistakeholder cooperation can produce operational solutions to concrete policy challenges that no stakeholder group can solve on its own.


Désirée Miloshevic

Senior Advisor of International Affairs and Public Policy


Philipp ensee

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Michele Neylon


Blacknight Internet Solutions

Albert Chang

Corporate Counsel

Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

Aaron Shull

Chief of Staff and General Counsel

Center for International Governance Innovation

Sunil Abraham

VP, Leadership Programs

Mozilla Foundation

Agnes Callamard


Columbia University Global Freedom of Expression

Maciej Tomaszewski

Policy Office

European Commission, DG CONNECT

Matt Perault

Head of Policy Development


Gail Kent

Global Public Policy Manager


Marília Maciel

Digital Policy Senior Researcher


Eric Freyssinet

Chief Digital Strategy Officer

France, Ministry of the Interior

Sibylla Bendig

German Federal Foreign Office

Sandro Gianella

Public Policy Manager


Carola Rienth



Dalia Topelson Ritvo

Assistant Director, Cyberlaw Clinic

Harvard Berkman Center

Eileen Donahoe

Director of Global Affairs

Human Rights Watch

Wolfgang Kleinwächter

University of Aarhus

Malcolm Hutty

Head of Public Affairs

London Internet Exchange (LINX)

Amy Hogan-Burney

Senior Attorney


Alex Yap

Director of LENS Global Operations


Anne Carblanc

Head, Digital Economy Policy Division


Jeremy West

Senior Policy Analyst


Dunja Mijatovic

Representative on Freedom of the Media


Joan Barata Mir

Principal Adviser to the Representative on Freedom of the Media


Maja Rakovic

Chair, Steering Committee on Media and Information society (CDMSI)

Council of Europe

Daphne Keller

Director of Intermediary Liability

Stanford Law School, Center for Internet and Society

María Reyes Fernandez

Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism

Frédéric Riehl

Deputy Director

Swiss Federal Office for Communications

Sinead McSweeney

Senior Director, Public Policy and Communications EMEA


Caroline Hammarberg

Associate Expert, Communication and Information Sector (CI)


Jonah Force Hill

Internet Policy Specialist

US Department of Commerce, NTIA

Richard Leaning

External Relations Consultant


Farzaneh Badii

Associate Researcher

Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG)